The year 2022 marked the birth of new strategic partnership between Asian giant Yingjiao Electrical and Universal Science, allowing our company to expand its product portfolio by offering a wider range of 24V LED power supplies (and more) for indoor and industrial applications.

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LED power supplies 24V RED by Yingjiao

The production capacity of Yingjiao Electrical

Established in 1996, Yingjiao Electrical is headquartered in Ningbo, China, and is one of Asia's leading manufacturers of LED power supplies, boasting 22 production lines and 600 million drivers produced in its 25-year history.

Yingjiao offers a range of constant voltage and constant current LED drivers with compact size and high efficiency, with power ranges from 1W to 350W and equipped with overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection. Different shapes and IP rating options are offered, as well as Triac, 0-10V and the latest DALI and WIFI dimmable solutions.

With Yingjiao, whose historical presence in the market is a guarantee of great reliability, we have extended our proposal of also, among others, to LED drivers 24V (and beyond) of INDUSTRIAL and DIN RAIL types.

The quality of RED-branded solutions and services.

Choosing to place the RED - Integrating Lighting Technologies logo alongside the Yingjiao logo on all power supplies allows us to complete the kit idea behind our business proposal and further certify its competitiveness and reliability.

RED by Yingjiao power supplies are mainly offered in combination with the flexible LED solutions proposed in the catalog, the core of which remains the LED modules designed and produced at our production plant in Pregnana Milanese (MI).

The new collaboration has enabled us to further enrich our portfolio, already enhanced over the years by the SELF and Upowertek brands, and allows us to have viable alternatives for all indoor applications.



RED by Yingjiao LED drivers comply with RoHS, PAHS, REACH and WEEE standards and are aligned with the European Union's new ErP direction. All drivers have also maintained UL, cUL, FCC, ENEC, TUV, CB, PSE, RCM, CE, EMC and CCC safety certificates.

24V LED power supplies: the product families

Below are some images, taken from the official catalog, of different product families selected from Yingjiao's extensive portfolio for various applications in the lighting industry and beyond:

24V LED power supplies managed in stock

DYCL060V24DRIVER 60W 24V 2500mA 163X43X33 IP67
DYSI150V24DRIVER 150W 24V 6250mA 160X98X42mm INDUSTRIAL
DYSI100V24DRIVER 100W 24V 4166mA 160X98X42mm INDUSTRIAL
DYCL100V24DRIVER 100W 24V 4166mA 190X52X37mm IP67
DYCL150V24DRIVER 150W 24V 6250mA 190X52X37mm IP67
DYSD100SV24DRIVER 92W 24V 3830mA 70X90X58mm DIN RAIL
DYSI036V24DRIVER 50W 24V 2080mA 110X78X36mm INDUSTRIAL
DYSI080V24DRIVER 80W 24V 3330mA 130X98X40 INDUSTRIAL

The complete RED by Yingjiao catalog

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