Upowertek, Universal Science's official LED driver distribution partner, presented its new series of high-power LED power supplies: the BLD-LCK product family.

The compact constant current drivers of the BLD-LCK series cover a power range from 40 to 480 W and have an extremely effective design. The main features include surge protection up to 10kV, long life (up to 80k hours @Tc=75°), easy programmability via NFC and isolated dimming line.
Compared to the previous model, the update mainly concerns the size of the product, which is much smaller.

BLD series

BLD series comparison

Below we propose a series of parameters that testify to the uniqueness of this high power LED power supply and guarantee the customer high performance at competitive costs:

  • Surge protection (DM/CM): 6kV/10kV
  • Output accuracy: 2% programmable model
  • Dim to off function (40-150 W)
  • Programming: NFC Airset
  • Life time: 80k hour @Tc=75°
  • Case material: Aluminum
  • Class I and Class II both available

The BLD-LCK series of LED power supplies, still being updated, currently includes the following models:

BLD-040-C-LCK, 40W, 100-277Vac Input

BLD-060-C-LCK, 60W, 100-277Vac Input

BLD-075-C-LCK, 75W, 100-277Vac Input

BLD-096-C-LCK, 96W, 100-277Vac Input

BLD-120-C-LCK, 120W, 100-277Vac Input

BLD-150-C-LCK, 150W, 100-277Vac Input

BLD-200-C-LCK, 200W, 100-277Vac Input

BLD-240-C-LCK, 240W, 100-277Vac Input

BLD-320-C-LCK, 320W, 100-277Vac Input

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