SELF, Universal Science's partner in LED driver distribution, offers the new compact, dimmable, constant current (DCC) DALI-2 LED power supplies with programmable current ranges from 150 to 1000mA.

This product is an addition to the range of DALI power supplies available in stock at our Pregnana Milanese (MI) location, which was renovated in 2022 to offer even faster and more effective service at a time of maximum cricity.

DALI-2 LED control gear
DALI-2 LED power supplies: technical specifications

The LED power supply has universal 110-277Vac input voltage, is designed with high power factor PFC>90, with low harmonic distortion THD and can be used either integrated or standalone. The output current can be set by DIP switch and can be selected in 50mA steps from 150mA to 1000mA, depending on the model.

Among the other characteristics and peculiarities of the product we report:

  • Dip-switch for output current selection
  • Class II protection against direct or indirect electric shock
  • Dimming 1-100% DALI-2/PUSH
  • Can be used for luminaires in protection class I and II
  • Flicker Free across the entire dimming range
  • Ignition time ≤0.5S
  • Warranty: 5 years

With the latest certified DALI-2 technology, the LED driver can be dimmed from 1% to 100%.

SELF 's new DALI-2 LED power supplies are UL, ENEC certified and comply with the SELV standard.  

Below are the complete datasheets for the two DALI-2 models from SELF:


DRIVER LED 20W 150-500mA DIP SWITCH IP20 8-40Volt


DRIVER LED 35W 250-1000mA DIP SWITCH IP20 8-40Volt

What are the advantages of DALI-2 LED control gear?
  • Simpler wiring: one DALI line for lighting, emergency lighting, switches and sensors
  • Approved and compliant switches and sensors
  • Cross compatibility between manufacturers
  • Lower overall costs
  • Published according to IEC 62386
  • Certification of the control system component

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