Despite the extremely difficult challenges that the health emergency is forcing us to face, the Universal Science team is filled with enthusiasm for a successful 2021. important milestones that make us look forward to the new year with great positivity.

One of the greatest satisfactions is certainly the "numbers". In terms of turnover, the year that has just ended was the best ever in the history of our company.
The 2021 result was +3.5% compared to the pre-Covid year.2019, which until recently represented our highest point and the most important reference against which to measure ourselves.

The birth of a indoor laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment is the icing on the cake of this splendid year, and is the forerunner of a long series of investments that in 2022 will particularly affect the production area.

In the last few months we have also had the good fortune to add new resources in each operational area, consolidating more and more the internal structure, which now numbers 32 people.
In addition, we have a sales force that has practically doubled in Italy, a goal that we have been pursuing for a long time and finally achieved with success. We have established commercial partnerships, which soon turned into bonds of friendship, that have enabled us to bring the Universal Science brand to every corner of our country and to make a qualitative leap in terms of presence and customer service.

Last but not least, we would like to mention all our customers and partners who are supporting us in our growth and helping to make us more and more a benchmark in our industry.

With the certainty that we are only at the beginning of an exciting journey, we would like to thank them most sincerely and wish them a 2022 full of personal and professional satisfaction!

Happy New Year!

The Universal Science team

IMG 2823 With the aim of always improving ourselves, Happy New Year from Universal Science!