Seeing the light but not the source: this is the goal and main effect of so-called "dark light." By obscuring the source in order to create a harmonious and natural atmosphere, LED dark light lighting solutions make a more comfortable environment without glare.

led dark light illumination

What is meant by "dark light"?

The concept of "dark light," equivalent to"low glare" lighting, refers to certain peculiarities that give rise to gentle lighting and reduce glare ("glare") and eye fatigue caused by prolonged observation of a light source.

Particularly effective and popular in indoor settings, LED dark light solutions create an environment where it is difficult to notice where the light is coming from unless the subject is directly below it, looking up.

The dark light has three areas of interest:

  • Up to 30°: is the angle of the emitted beam of the light source
  • Between 30° and 60°: is the angle of the glare-limited beam
  • More than 60°: this is the so-called "dark light" zone.

A light source can be classified as a "dark light" only when it meets the most important requirement: there must be less than 200 cd/lm2 above the viewing angle of 60°. This is because an average person has a vertical peripheral vision of less than 60°.

led dark light scheme

RED-branded LED dark light solutions

In recent years, Universal Science has developed and produced under the RED - Integrating Lighting Technologies brand a series of dark light spot and linear LED modules, combined with specific reflectors. The reflectors are expertly selected and proposed to minimize light in the glare zone and optimize color uniformity and efficiency, providing maximum visual comfort.

LineMAX Series

131x20mm 5 power LEDs module

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280x20mm LED module for LEDiL Daisy-Mini

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280x24mm LED module for LEDiL Daisy

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DotMAX Series

25x23mm star LED module

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33x33mm square LED module

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24x20mm single LED module

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