The in-house electronic laboratory

Expanded in 2021, Universal Science's electronics lab includes innovative machinery and instrumentation (including integrating spheres with spectroradiometer, multichannel temperature data loggers, and a 3D printer for rapid prototyping), which are in addition to specialized equipment (including resin and die-cutting machines for thermal interfaces).

Here all performance tests are carried out on LED modules and other components in order to confirm technical data and verify compliancy with international standards.

In memory of Raimondo Rendine

We have chosen to dedicate Universal Science's electronics lab to. Raimondo Rendine, a colleague and friend who passed away prematurely in 2022 at only 47 years of age.

The ceremony was also attended by his wife Mariella, to whom we are infinitely grateful for her exemplary presence and enthusiastic acceptance of this initiative.

Together with her we remembered how special Raimondo was, a kind-hearted person with an infectious optimism.