In the splendid setting of Palazzo Litta, during Milan Design Week, a family of lamps was presented for the first time. In addition to illuminating, they are designed to sanitise rooms and surfaces and to synchronise the biological clock.

Conceived and designed by designers Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini(Consuline), they are the result of collaboration between partners in the sector, including TOlight, which is responsible for production and marketing, and Universal Science, which is the technological partner.

led lamp sanitising rooms and surfaces

Codega's first collection of 'purpose lamps'.

Serena Collection is the first collection by CodegaCodega Serena Collection is the first collection of Codega, a new brand in the world of lighting that creates "purpose lamps", designed not only to illuminate, but to find a synthesis between design, light and purpose and thus improve people's quality of life. Man is at the centre of Codega's vision: his comfort, his safety and his well-being are the main objective of the lamps and their light. The purpose lamps are the result of the collaboration between lighting designers and technology professionals and use the culture of light design to synthesise it into special tools and make it available to private individuals as well as the contract world.

UV-C LEDs for sanitising rooms and surfaces

The Serena collection are intelligent lamps capable of sanitising rooms and surfaces thanks to the use of germicidal ultraviolet light and sophisticated sensors that allow them to be used in complete safety. special UV-C LEDswhich emit germicidal ultraviolet light, and sophisticated sensors that allow them to be used in complete safety.

Why LED? Unlike conventional lamps, which emit only part of the light spectrum in the UV-C range with an efficiency of less than 45%, an LED does not emit ionising frequencies and, if directly selected and with controlled emission within the spectrum, can allow greater efficiency and a reduction in the power required.

Thanks to ultraviolet light insertions, Serena Collection lamps are therefore able to restore safety in places where people frequent offices, hotels and rooms and in the use of objects such as desks, keyboards, PCs, chairs, tables and armchairs.

LED light for reconstructing the circadian cycle

Unlike ordinary LED sanitation lamps, Serena Collection lamps illuminate by emitting light in different shades of white. Their secondary purpose is in fact to rebuild the circadian balance in us. These light sequences synchronise the so-called human Circadian Cycle and its Rhythm.

These lamps therefore take care of people (Human Centric Lighting) and, in particular, help them to get back in sync with their biological clock. 

This is achieved by the tunable white LED module, developed and produced by Universal Science under the RED brand, which allows customised colour temperature variation (CCT) from 2700°K to 6500°K, and special anti-glare optics.

The technology built into purpose lamps therefore helps people to live and work better, as well as to relax.

Serena is the first in a series of products that interpret the use of light in a new way.

Serena Collection lamps: useful contacts

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