Digitisation, connectivity, sustainability and artificial intelligence are the three key points underpinning Light+Building 2022, the leading trade fair for LED lighting technology and more, which will finally return to Frankfurt in October 2022.
Four years after the last edition in attendance, Frankfurt is preparing to host companies from all over the world operating in the technology and digital sector, combining live exhibitions with streamed events to ensure everyone can participate in total safety.
In addition to the possibility for companies to present themselves through traditional stands, they will be able to visit the Light+Building Digital Extension web platform and present their products via streaming.
Here is everything you need to know to stay up-to-date with the autumn edition of the trade fair in Frankfurt.

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The importance of returning to in-person events

To date, the available data allows us to estimate an average economic loss suffered by companies amounting to 60% of turnover compared to 2019, and the greatest weight is undoubtedly given by the almost total absence, in about two years, of commercial and business events in presence.
In fact, although digital is a strategically important tool that has enabled companies and entrepreneurs to save their business from the economic crisis caused by the spread of Covid-19, by continuing to meet potential customers and business partners virtually, being able to return to in-person events is certainly quite an achievement. Being able to see the products in person, talking and debating with the managers of the companies present is fundamental to building and nurturing your business relationships, making deals and gathering contacts all over the world.
In-person networking is also very useful for studying the competition, understanding how to improve your positioning, learning about growing markets and identifying target customers to focus on. In addition, being able to meet and talk in person also allows you to work, directly or indirectly, on improving your brand and even enhance your company's public image.
In spite of this, digital innovations should not be forgotten, but can accompany and complement trade fairs in presence. Light + Building in Frankfurt offers a global event in hybrid mode, where the possibility of meeting in person is combined with the opportunity to organise appointments and conferences online, as well as business chats and telematic presentations.
Finally, it will also be possible to consult online the Contractor, a search engine created specifically to stay up-to-date on LED technology and artificial intelligence, to better prepare for the 2022 edition.


Why Light+Building has been confirmed for October 2022

The trade fair in Frankfurt, which will be held in the Exhibition Centre, is intended to be a restart signal for the LED lighting sector, which has also been hit by the economic crisis due to Covid.
The event concept prioritises the positive implications of digitisation in the sector, environmental sustainability and artificial intelligence, focusing on products for integrated building design, i.e. lighting, luminaires, active and passive components, security, facility automation processes, electrical installation systems, smart energy management, and the construction of infrastructures for electrical recharging.
It is also to these innovations that we owe the decision to confirm the event in attendance. The organisers of Light+Building want to enable entrepreneurs to deepen their knowledge of the latest innovations in the sector and, at the same time, present the innovative features of their companies in the pavilion best suited to their needs.
During Light+Building 2022 in Frankfurt, it will therefore be possible to find out about the latest trends in design and lighting technology, ranging from indoor to outdoor products.
Finally, the organisers are aiming to contribute to a greater emphasis on sustainable devices, which allow energy savings without harming the quality of the final service.

New dates for Light+Building in October 2022

The Frankfurt trade fair, like other leading events in the sector, has to deal with all the questions raised by the health emergency.

Due to the ongoing developments of the Covid-19 epidemic worldwide, decisions on a possible postponement have been postponed from week to week.
The trade fair organisation has confirmed from the outset that Light+Building will definitely take place in the New Year as an essential part of the industry and sectors involved. According to the newly confirmed dates, the trade fair in Frankfurt will take place from Sunday 2 October to Thursday 6 October 2022

Important information on Covid-19

From 2 April 2022, thebasic Coronavirus Protection Ordinance of the State of Essen will apply in Frankfurt.

Messe Frankfurt has ensured that its visitors are able to attend the event in a particularly safe manner. The following Coronavirus obligations are therefore no longer applicable for events held in Messe Frankfurt's exhibition centres or buildings:

  • Restrictions on access to events
  • Compulsory test before entering the fair
  • Capacity Limitations for Events
  • Strict distance and hygiene rules
  • General protection of the mouth and nose
  • Restrictions on the construction of stands or seats
  • Hospitality Restrictions
  • Provision of personal hygiene equipment
  • Approval by the health authorities of the city of Frankfurt am Main

When it comes to basic protective measures, everyone takes responsibility for not exposing themselves or others to an unreasonable risk of infection.

In order to protect all guests, participants, organisers, partners and also its own staff, Messe Frankfurt adapted its activities to the current situation. Ventilation systems operate with the highest possible percentage of fresh air, which meets official energy requirements. Cleaning intervals are adapted to requirements and disinfectant dispensers provide additional security.

However, Messe Frankfurt recommends avoiding crowded situations if possible, or wearing a protective device for the mouth and nose if necessary.
After two years of strict restrictions, Messe Frankfurt is also gradually returning to regular event management activities at Germany's most important exhibition centre.

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