The benefits of UVC technology in disinfecting environments, surfaces and instruments are constantly the focus of research by many experts in our field and beyond. We published a in-depth article on UV LEDs on our website, which triggered questions and requests for clarification on our role in the development and production of this technology. For this reason, we have decided to publish additional informational content about the UVC 275nm LED modules we produce and the services we as a company can offer customers.

The emergency and urgency due to the COVID-19outbreak has generated anunprecedented increase in proposals. In this context, we are increasingly convinced that relying on professionals is the key to a correct approach to such a sensitive sector.

In this regard, Universal Science's early work and product analysis onUV lighting goes back more than four years. We have produced some special machine modules using 275nm LEDs, one application with 340nm LEDs (UVB), and many others with UVA at 365 ÷ 430nm, ranging from 100 to 2500W. Systems employing UV LED boards must of course be equipped with specific safety systems more or less different depending on the application and wavelength.
We are primarily focused on OEM customers, so we develop and create the solutions together with them and do not make our own finished products. Certifications, efficacy validation tests and related deployment protocols are carried out on finished systems and consequently are the responsibility of the customer.

We have a high-capacity production of LED modules (branded RED) from 9mm to 1200mm in length, which is our core business. The part of a project that we are most responsible for is therefore the development of the LED module according to the criteria of maximum efficiency, repeatability and reliability for the specific application, choosing suitable materials, suppliers and solutions.

In 2021 the product family SpecialRED - UV lightingwith the aim of expanding the range of UV solutions over time.

SpecialRED UV lighting

To summarise, the strengths of Universal Science's UVC 275nm LED modules are:

  • Different types of LEDs available and choice of the most suitable configurations;
  • Contact with leading manufacturers of UV LEDs;
  • Excellent price/efficiency ratio;
  • Troubleshooting problems related to wavelengths and conditions of use of UV LEDs (different for power, efficiency and life time related to maximum junction temperatures).

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