The UVC LED module with Violet lenses from RED - Integrating Lighting Technologies consists of high performance Liteon LEDs combined with Violet optics from LEDiL, designed for UVC applications.

The R5723 LED board is part of the family of products SpecialRED - UV lighting and is an efficient and ready-to-use UVC solution for the disinfection and sterilization of objects, environments and surfaces.

The 12 UVC LEDs can be selected according to power and cost to suit multiple applications. Thanks to the emitted wavelength of 275 nm, the only available and reliable value in the world of LED lighting, the RED UVC module has a great sterilizing effect, although it is not centered at the maximum vulnerability point of the Covid-19 virus.

Thanks to a slim and compact design (281×19.2 mm), with single 24 Volt DC operation, and a wide power supply option, the customer can choose the best solution for his applications in terms of cost and performance. The presence sensor helps to make this LED module an easy to use sterilization solution.

The advantages for the customer consist mainly in the high resistance to shock and vibration, which allows the UVC LED module to be ideal in situations that need to be switched on and off quickly, as well as for portable devices such as those used for disinfection of hospital instruments, school desks and any other surface and area.

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