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During our journey, we identified three important partners in the field of LED power supplies: uPowerTek, Self and Yingjiao. Manufacturers of excellence in terms of production capacity and quality, perfect for our market, these companies form an integral part of the distribution proposition for Universal Science. This allows us to offer our customers products that can be used, although not necessarily, together with our LED modules. We are able to offer a ready-to-use proposition so that the customer can focus on their own marketing and design activities.

uPowerTek specializes in high-power, sealed power supplies, mainly used outdoors. These are LED drivers for street lighting applications and high-bay.

The production of Self is focused on products that are mainly used indoors, or where a particularly high degree of water protection is not required.

The latest partner brand, RED by Yingjiaoallows us to offer our customers a line of DIN-Rail and industrial grade power supplies, as well as good alternatives for indoor applications.


LED power supplies - uPowerTek

LED power supplies - SELF

LED power supplies - RED by Yingjiao

Founded in Ningbo, China, in 1993, it was in 2000 that SELF developed its first LED driver and LED lighting lines. The company mission makes reliability the core value in customer service. Therefore, SELF's R&D team pays close attention to every detail, from component research to electronic design, from thermal design to international standard testing, with the aim of ensuring high reliability of SELF-branded power supply products.

Top 3 best-selling products

SLT20 500IBL UN 3479862 LED power supplies


DIP-SWITCH 0.75-20W 150-500mA
SLD35 1000IL BD UN 3479861 LED power supplies


DALI 35W 250-1000mA DIP IP20
SLT80 350IL E LED power supplies


80W 325-700mA 120-246V IP20

Upowertek is a high-tech company headquartered in Hangzhou, China, and has been dedicated to producing high-quality, intelligent LED power supplies for more than 10 years. The company works closely with hundreds of customers from all over the world, providing power supplies designed with programmability and long life characteristics, whose quality is strictly controlled at every stage of product creation. Upowertek has always considered quality and reliability to be top priorities, and as a technically advanced company, we continuously deliver new products designed according to customer and market needs.

Top 3 best-selling products

TLD series LED power supplies


600W 5700mA DIMMING 0-10V IP67

BLD 075 C LED control gear


75W 1400mA DIMMING IP67

SVR 360 C LED control gear


SLIM 360W 2800mA IP67

RED by Yingjiao is a brand born from the new partnership with Yingjiao Electrical, designed to provide a range of LED drivers to complement our existing technical and commercial proposition. Since 1995, Yingjiao has been dedicated to the design and development of power systems in support of the global electronics and electrical industry. Conforming to all standards required by the market, Yingjiao products are manufactured in Ningbo, China, within a facility that includes 22 production and assembly lines that have resulted in the market distribution of more than 660 million products over the years. 

Top 3 best-selling products

standard led driver


150W 24V 6250mA IP67

driver for led - industrial


150W 24V 6250mA INDUSTRIAL

driver for led - din rail


92W 24V 3830mA DIN RAIL

The feeding system remains a very important element that should not be overlooked. Experience is fundamental to understand which power supply to use according to the application. Power is currently not a decisive evaluation criterion as much as performance in terms of reliability and temperature tolerance.