The strength of Universal Science has historically been thermal management. The thermal interfaces are products selected for their technical and handling characteristics for the lighting market and are manufactured in several countries in Asia and Europe.

PPI Adhesive Products Ltd was founded in Ireland in 1970. The company produces a very wide and sophisticated range of adhesive, laminated and die-cut tapes for a wide variety of applications, particularly in the electronics, aerospace, automotive and medical, as well as industrial and high-tech sectors. One of PPI's main strengths is its ability to produce custom tapes and die-cut parts to specific customer requirements, including small quantities for short runs.

Top 3 best-selling products

T-PAD 1500
T-PAD 6500

Thermal management is an essential parameter, even if it is currently limited to a few applications. Sometimes there are special needs related to applications for locations with high temperatures. In cases such as these, it is important to define whether to use athermal interface and of what type. The use of thermal interfaces is the element that guarantees both the performance and the long-term repeatability and reliability of the product.