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In 2018 Universal Science created a new brand, RED - Integrating Lighting Technologies, going more in line with customer needs and adapting to new market requirements. RED identifies both the design and production of LED boards as well as the lighting solutions we propose to our customers.


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LED Relamping

The RELAMPING KIT by RED - Integrating Lighting Technologies is the first LED lighting solution designed to optimally replace old inefficient light sources in already installed luminaires. Able to adapt to any type of structure, retrofitting allows to preserve traditional luminaires by adapting them to modern LED technologies.

The heart of the system is the 2×6 LED module of the LightMAX series, the product family that identifies high power RED

The Relamping Kit guarantees an excellent luminous flux and the maximum reliability of the LED system: LED module from 12W to 40W, CUQ series LEDLink optics with IP66 waterproof seal, high efficiency heat sink in anodized aluminium and ENEC certified Upowertek power supply.

Universal Science's willingness to invest and build innovation in Italy is demonstrated by the production plant in Pregnana Milanese (MI): 2,000 square meters of large spaces that house modular offices, adjacent to which the production area was built, connected to a fully automated warehouse.

Our core business is the high capacity production of LED modules from 9mm to 1200mm in length, developed according to the criteria of maximum efficiency, repeatability and reliability for the specific application.

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A state-of-the-art production plant

The plant has two state-of-the-art SMT lines, with an assembly capacity of over 100 million LEDs per year. The investment is continuous and does not only concern the production spaces, but also the adoption of innovative machinery and instrumentation (including two automatic screen printers, a 3D printer, two integrating spheres with spectroradiometer and a multichannel temperature datalogger), which are added to the specialized equipment (including a resin machine and a die cutter for thermal interfaces).

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RED is Experience Efficiency Evolution


We have over 10 years of activity behind us during which we have developed a wide range of LED lighting solutions, different in application, size, power and luminous flux.


Constantly interacting with the customer, we take care of the design, refinement and physical realization of LED modules. Our contribution becomes decisive for the efficiency and quality of the final result.


Thanks to our constant work with leading companies in the sector we have an in-depth knowledge of the evolution of the market. We therefore develop LED solutions using the latest technology.

The LED module is always 100% tested at the end of the line through both visual and functional testing. The control of the quality and the chromatic compliance of the LEDs is carried out with extreme precision at the start of production, through the traceability of the material . This allows to obtain a product that corresponds in every way to the specifications established with the customer.

RED - Integrating Lighting Technologies



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