In addition to the LED modules, the customer is offered the possibility of creatingLED optics , both of the following types Standardand therefore available and usable immediately, or of type Customin case the shape and size required are specific to the lighting product that the customer has to realize.

For the development and distribution of LED optics we have a strategic agreement with the most important Asian company in the sector, LedLinkbased in Taipei.

LedLink Lenses Product Range LED Lenses

Ledlink Optics Inc. founded in March 2008, is a Taiwanese company specializing in the design and manufacture of optics. Ledlink's mission is to help customers optimize optical performance by creating Solid State Lighting products. The lenses are available through a wide range of kits, which differ according to the beam characteristics and different applications (residential, commercial, street and architectural lighting).

Top 3 best-selling products

BLU Series
DJC Series | wall-washer lenses
CRO Series

The refinement of all the components that will be used in the final product becomes decisive and must be technically very correct and precise.

The type, number and material of the LED opticsis a choice that must be weighed against the relationship between price, performance and reliability over time, as well as in relation to the field of application.



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