With the arrival of the new 3D printer, Universal Science can further expand its range of customer services. From today, it will be possible to request a rapid prototyping service to support the development of its LED systems.

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Thanks to rapid prototyping, we are able to experiment with new solutions or verify functionalities before moving on to mass production. Combined with the experience and know-how of the R&D team, this technology enables us to tackle theindustrialisation of each component in the best possible way and to produce effective systems that meet our customers' objectives. 

Having an in-house prototyping service allows us to carry out tests more quickly and analytically, testing the performance of the product and its ease of incorporation into the LED system.

The 3D printer adds to the already to the already wide range of tools recently transferred to of the rinnovative laboratory laboratory of Universal Sciencelaboratory, which will be inaugurated shortly. These include, in particular, the aisolation unit AC/DC power analyser/measurer and the programmable celectronic indicator for testing power systems, in addition to the already established integrating spheres with spectroradiometer and registrator temperature recorder multi-channel for performance measurements of LED modules.

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