Solderless LED stri ps are one of the most important product innovations launched in 2021 by Universal Science. This type of LED strip has a number of features that make it a unique product and more cost-effective than traditional flexible solutions.
Solderless LED strips are a new addition to our catalogue. DecoMAXSolderless LED strips have been added to our family, which mainly includes solutions designed for decorative lighting applications.

What does Solderless mean?

As implied by the term solderless, this LED strip differs from conventional ones in that there are no solder connections between shorter modules, typically 500mm, between one PCB and another.  

This feature considerably increases both mechanical and electrical reliability and durability. The junction between blocks is a critical point due to temperature variations of the LED modules during operation, as well as being problematic due to mechanical stress during assembly.

Solderless LED strips are also more pleasing to the eye than the standard flexible strip.

Material and labour costs are also saved and production becomes easier and faster, as does repeatability and reliability.

The application method is the same as for a conventional LED strip.

Below we have summarised the advantages of this new technology:

  1. No soldering points on the PCB, aesthetically 'cleaner' and above all more reliable.
  2. By using less tin in the production process, solderless LED strips are a more environmentally friendly product.
  3. Production capacity is faster and higher. As a result, the cost of production is lower and selling prices will be cheaper.
solderless led strip

Solderless LED strips: the models available

The world of LED technology is one of the few that has evolved so rapidly that a product purchased only a few months ago is considered old-fashioned.

The latest addition to the market, solderless LED strips, once again demonstrates how Universal Science is at the forefront of disseminating and promoting new lighting technologies at the costs demanded by an extremely competitive market.

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