The flexible LED tube is theevolution of traditional neon lighting and was born precisely from the need to replace old fluorescent tubes in lighting applications equipped with LED technology (particularly in decorative lighting). The LED neon tube has a professional design (Ø 16/18/23/25mm), is made of silicone with internal anti-flexion and anti-tension support element, and is very easy to use and install.

The silicone material, in particular, provides strong resistance to yellowing and high and low temperatures, allowing it to be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

The structure of the LED tube allows a 'light output of 360°.360° light emissionuniform, diffused and without any light spot with the great advantage of flexibility that opens up new opportunities hitherto precluded.

The flexible LED neon tube is guaranteed by the main certifications in the field of security and can reach the degree of impermeability and protection IP67 in terms of resistance to water, humidity and dust. Adapting to any type of environment and application, it is therefore possible to use the product both indoors and outdoors.

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flexible led neon tube

The structure of the flexible LED neon tube

The LED tube consists of a flexible and durable U-shaped profile, which can be cut and bent according to the needs of the space to be illuminated and within which is inserted a flexible LED strip. The profile is then covered and coated with antistatic opaque silicone that is resistant to yellowing, corrosion, and the most extreme temperatures.

The product is supplied with LED strip included, totally customizableaccording to customer needs.

A 2835, 3000K, 20W/mt, 160L/mt, 24V, IP67 LED strip is considered as standard, as per the datasheet.

    Product Sheets - Datasheet

    16 mm diameter

    18 mm diameter

    23 mm diameter

    25 mm diameter

    Customisations available

    The possible customisations mainly concern:

    • Diameter, which can be 16mm, 18mm, 23mm or 25mm
    • Finish, which can be either "smooth"/soft-touch or classic translucent silicone
    • Length with cuts every 50mm (up to a maximum of 5m, with single feed, and 8m, with double feed)
    • PCB, which can be 8mm or 10mm;
    • Voltage, which can be 12V or 24V;
    • Wattage, which must be ≤ 20W/m to avoid heat problems;
    • Color Temperature (CCT), which can be White, Tunable White and Dim-to-Warm;
    • Quantity of LEDs (recommended ≥160 LEDs/m)
    white flexible led tube

    The fixing accessories

    All diameters are easily bendable as long as they are within certain values. Being made of silicone, flexible LED tubes are not self-supporting and therefore need accessories for fixing.

    The following standard accessories are included in the price and basic supply of the product:

    • Silicone end cap (with horizontal or lateral outlet);
    • Aluminium end cap (with horizontal outlet);
    • Transparent fixing clips made of polycarbonate (length 3cm or 1m);
    • PC hose of custom length for rigid/non-flexible installations.
    360 neon striplight 2 Flexible LED tube with 360° light emission

    The LED strips inside the tube are powered by a 24V LED driver that we can supply directly. In general, it is recommended to use one power supply for every 5 meters.

    Applications of LED neon tube: some examples

    Thanks to its technical and structural features, the flexible LED neon tube lends itself to a wide variety of applications and can be installed in any type of environment.

    We offer below, by way of example, a number of possible installations. For each application illustrated we have reserved, upon specific request, a kit of dedicated, ready-to-use accessories.

    Currently, these accessory kits are only and exclusively available for the 23mm and 25mm diameters; those for the 16mm and 18mm diameters are currently under development. 

    Vertical suspension

    Ceiling-mounted vertical - Single

    Vertical Ceiling - Double

    Horizontal suspension

    Horizontal ceiling

    Circular suspension


    An application case: the Elite booth at Eurobike 2022

    One of the application cases of the flexible LED neon tube is Elite 's booth at the international event Eurobike 2022, which took place in Frankfurt am Main July 13-17.

    Designed by our partner Basso Design, this is a decorative system consisting of circular and vertical LED tubes that stand out to the fullest the products of the Padua-based company, displayed at the fair with a minimal style and great attention to detail.

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