It is called XPURA and is the new LED sanitizer for RV water developed, manufactured and patented by X Light Group and officially unveiled at the Camper Salon, an industry event staged in Parma September 9-17, 2023 with more than 300 exhibitors from around the world.

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LED sanitizer for RV water

How does RV water sanitization take place?

The sanitization of water coming out of RV tanks is done by LED UVC. The heart of the LED sanitizer, in fact, is a RED-branded module designed and manufactured at our production plant in Pregnana Milanese (MI). The board in question consists of 2 UVA LEDs and 2 UVC LEDs, whose action allows the destruction of organic and inorganic molecules, viruses and bacteria without the use of chemicals.

XPURA LED water sanitizer camper

Why choose XPURA?

Here are some benefits of using XPURA's LED RV water sanitizer:

  • Elimination of any additional chemicals
  • No maintenance required
  • Total water sterilization
  • Important energy saving
LED camper sanitizer XPURA

How does the LED sanitizer for RV water work?

It is first necessary to cut the tank/plant connection tube. Then it is necessary to connect the rigid pipe into the previously cut hose and insert the rigid pipe part into the supplied quick coupler. The same operation must then be repeated in the opposite side of the XPURA sanitizer.
It should be noted that the XPURA sanitizing system does not have a defined inlet and outlet, so it can be connected indifferently in the two quick couplers.
The power supply of the XPURA sanitizing system is 12V and must be connected to the wires of the pump that feeds water into the system. The sanitizing action will be active whenever the taps connected to the system are opened.
If the connection has been made correctly, when any faucet connected to the system is opened, the XPURA sanitizing system will emit a blue power light.

How to purchase the XPURA system?

The XPURA sanitation system can be purchased online or from authorized dealers.

We share below useful links for purchase:

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LED for RVs 1 XPURA, the LED sanitizer for RV water.

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